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Horoscope Says He’s The One

I'm a sucker for articles discussing horoscope signs. "You're this kind of sibling based on your sign.""What kind of romantic are you based on your sign?" And on and on. On my lunch break today, I came across several of these type of articles on my iPhone news feed and it helped me kill the… Continue reading Horoscope Says He’s The One

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Managing This Mom

My manager wishes I would give him the location of my blog. I do share a lot of my life with him; therefore, I'm not sure if he just finds it intriguing that I might enjoy writing and not just staring at spreadsheets all day or if there's a fear that I could write about… Continue reading Managing This Mom

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Sharing is Hilarious

Trust me when I confess that I’m a girl who enjoys space. I’m claustrophobic in the sense that I enjoy quiet, calm and being left alone. If something doesn’t assist with quiet, calm and being left alone then I’m going to get claustrophobic and find somewhere else to be for it. Make sense? How can… Continue reading Sharing is Hilarious